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Change of career.. Care work

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Mummybiscuitx Thu 03-Sep-20 23:33:29

Hi all.. I'm thinking about a change of career, I have a good job in the city that pays reasonably ok for part time.. My little girl goes to nursery. My mother was terminally ill for five years and between myself and my DD we were her carers.. I've since developed a resounding desire to pursue a career or job in care work and just wondered if anyone could share their experiences in this field of work. I understand that it would involve some night shifts and I have childcare for the day time and can also obtain childcare for night shifts. I was just wondering regarding rates of pay and the basic information you could share if you work in this field. I've worked on the city for 15 years nearly and it all feels a bit soulless and transactional now and would love to do something whereby I could add a positive influence onto someone's day to day life. Thanks x

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Redlocks28 Thu 03-Sep-20 23:38:08

I did care work during university holidays-it was minimum wage, as far as I remember.

Ashdownstar Sat 05-Sep-20 14:14:03

I'm a carer. I love it. Officially my job title is personal assistant. I work for two families, helping their elderly parents remain independent at home. The pay is above minimum wage, but they don't offer full time hours. I'm also expected to be flexible with my hours, so I can't really take on another client. For me that's the pay off for slightly more money.
I've also worked as a home carer and in a residential care home. I loved the service users and the work itself, but the staff politics sometimes got to me a bit. Basically minimum wage.
It's not really the same as caring for a family member due to the amount of paperwork and procedures that need to be followed.
I find a great deal of satisfaction in my work though.

calamityjam Sat 05-Sep-20 14:29:17

I worked in care for 20 years as my dcs were growing up. I worked in care homes, domicilliary care and in hospitals. It's very hard work, very under paid and very under appreciated. You are constantly choosing between giving high standards of care and meeting deadlines. Staff shortage is very much a problem and those who do show up are expected to do the work of the ones who don't. They are all run for money (except hospitals) and it shows as corners are cut everywhere. The upside is that if you are good at your job and can stick up for yourself and can see past all the shit that comes with the job, you might sometimes get the occasional Thankyou

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