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Redundancy while on maternity leave

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Fidgitigdif123 Thu 03-Sep-20 19:27:23

Hiya, I'm looking for some advice on redundancy during maternity leave.
The large UK chain I work for has announced today that my particular role will no longer exist, which will leave 1,600 of us redundant, including myself.
I understand why they're doing it, and I accept it, but they've mentioned that some of us will be able to take up different roles, although these are very limited in number.
I was just wondering, as I'm currently on maternity leave, what sort of rights do I have in regards to redundancy? Will they have to offer me a role with the same pay and conditions as if I weren't on leave? are they allowed to demote me?
My head is a bit all over the place at the moment, I've been with this company for nearly 10 years :-(
Thanks in advance xxx

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dementedpixie Thu 03-Sep-20 19:29:15

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