How do I find a job?

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WeAllHaveWings Sat 29-Aug-20 13:46:38

Sign up to most of the Internet job sites
Join linked-in add connect with anyone you have worked with before and let them know you are looking for a job and hopefully they can recommend you if they know of any vacancies
Research local companies and find out if they have their own career/vacancy sites
Send out speculative cvs with good and specific covering letters
Speak to recruitment agencies
Polish your CV
Prepare cover letters
Prepare for interviews
Do some trial video interviews (recorded)
Apply for anything that looks suitable, getting in somewhere can open up other vacancies and you can keep applying for something better while in another job. My niece recently went for an interview and was offered a completely different/better job while there.
Apply for jobs for interview experience so you are ready when a good job comes along.
Try not to get disheartened by the rejections. It's not personal and you are learning about the process and getting better at selling yourself.

It is a full time job preparing and researching. The more you do the more ideas you'll get where else you can look. It will be hard during covid.

I think it was the national library of Scotland website I looked at and used that had lists of companies by sector that I didn't even know existed and I worked through them all finding their websites for vacancies and/or applying with cover letters specific to their sector /company.

I was mid 40s, redundant after 24 years in my first job and had a temp contact within 6 weeks which led to a different permanent contract from an internal vacancy.

Good luck 🍀

Bargebill19 Sat 29-Aug-20 13:20:09

I also use Very easy to use. However if you put into google something like “jobs near me” you will likely find that lots of other job sites pop up. Then have a browse and see which site best caters for the type of job you are looking for.
Don’t be frightened into thinking you can only do one type of job and you will open up lots of other opportunities.
Good luck in your search.

abstractzebra Sat 29-Aug-20 08:24:19

Make sure you sign up for new style JSA. You get a small amount of money but also support to find a job including some training.
Sign up to an online job site. I used Indeed but there are others so someone maybe able to advise which one is best.
I had been in the same job for 33 years and was clueless about finding work but you've just got to sort of chip away at it, learning as you go along.
I got my job through volunteering.

user1497787065 Fri 28-Aug-20 21:44:31

I have just been made redundant and really do not know where to start my job search. The last time I was job hunting job ads were all in the local paper. I know nothing about job sites or LinkedIn. My previous role was a travel coordinator for a construction business. Also I'm late fifties so is there a hope I may find employment again? Any help appreciated.

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