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Missed/not told of promotion opportunity while on maternity leave

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Fidgitigdif123 Fri 28-Aug-20 21:08:27

Hiya folks, just wondered if I could have a bit of advice.
I'm currently on maternity leave (due to end on 31st Oct) and I just found out about a promotion opportunity in my store that I wasn't told about. I'm an assistant manager, and the woman who was covering me until I get back, has just been made store manager. My (now old) store manager has not contacted me once during my leave to keep me up to date with anything, despite asking him to.
I'm a little bit upset, as I would have cut my leave a little bit short in order to apply for such an opportunity.
I'm not sure what to do about this, I've spoken with ACAS and they've told me it could be considered maternity discrimination. Has anyone here experienced anything similar? What did you do about it?

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gigi556 Fri 28-Aug-20 21:10:00

Nothing to say except this makes me so angry! I hope someone has some words of wisdom for you.

Fidgitigdif123 Fri 28-Aug-20 21:13:40

Me too, I feel so invisible right now sad thank you smile xx

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Bwiththegoodhair Fri 28-Aug-20 23:25:42

Check out Pregnant then screwed, loads of great advice there... best of luck x

Fidgitigdif123 Sat 29-Aug-20 09:33:03

Thank you, will hop on over smile xx

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