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office working agony

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brightfuture1 Fri 28-Aug-20 19:34:17

When i worked from home i sat at the screen all day and replied to emails straight away.
My supervisor spent a lot of time away, spending a lot of time off screen and using her daughter as an excuse to slouch and palm things off on me
4 months at home,and my data entry mistake was brought to her attention. She used this as an excuse to hsve me back in the office, saying i need people to bounce ideas off (even though the issue was data entry, not a lack of communication and i had made these mistakes in the office too)
I said i was happy to come in2-3 days. She said she'd discuss with our boss on Monday when he returned from a/l.
Monday morning 10am she calls and says i will be in work full time and i needed to go in that day. Obviously i was not prepared and asked to start the next day, 'no, today' and i just about negotiated afternoon. My boss said he expected me on Tuesdayffs
Im veryfrustrated now. im spending money on fuel unnecessarily and underconstant supervision on my own with the boss and another colleague. Meanwhile she does little work at home, logging on every few hours (i know the workload of our 2 person team)
The other day she came in and completely cleared out her draw making clear she would never return. Meanwhile i am stuck commuting and with little flexibility. She has palmed me off on our boss while not really supervising me herself, even though several months ago she made an issue of me sidelining her (as she is difficult and fussy and blows things out of proportion)
I take too much of her workload and feel unfairly singled out in the office,when it is a job with a lot of autonomy normally AIBU?
I'm thinking of leaving in all honesty if i can get something else. i effectively manage 1.5m worth of sales alone and have built a lot of skills in the job

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Ceriane Fri 28-Aug-20 19:41:48

She sounds a lot like my nightmare manager. Sorry I can’t be of any help but I can definitely relate!!!!

RB68 Fri 28-Aug-20 19:44:23

yeah best offski

RandomMess Fri 28-Aug-20 19:45:43

I would be taking your time in the office, need to ensure you don't make another mistake after all...

Your colleague may find that they need to do their share then!

endofthelinefinally Fri 28-Aug-20 19:50:42

I think you need to develop a cough and a temperature.
It might be flu so you won't be well enough to work.

brightfuture1 Fri 28-Aug-20 19:50:46

still helps to know people dont think im beingunreasonable smile

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mum2jakie Fri 28-Aug-20 19:52:27

I'd leave!

JudyGemstone Fri 28-Aug-20 19:54:04

I'm not sure you can complain about spending money on fuel going into the office - presumably the job was office based when you applied for it?

Things are getting back to normal and that will include us all getting back to normal working days.

She sounds like she's checked out which is annoying. But she won't be your manager much longer anyway by the sounds of it.

brightfuture1 Fri 28-Aug-20 19:54:05

Had responsiblities reassigned to her a few times to reduce my workload and mistakes and it lasted about a day till she gave them back to me huh!

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Twickerhun Fri 28-Aug-20 19:57:52

She sounds like my old manager. Can you plot the team workload and your share of it and show your managers manager how productive you are?

Moonshinemisses Fri 28-Aug-20 19:58:55

She sounds like a crap manager, that aside was you job office based before the lockdown?. If so surely you were aware that you would be expected to return to the office at some point.

brightfuture1 Fri 28-Aug-20 20:01:12

True but TBH now that i realise the cost savings it grates on me that im in full time when it could at least be 2-3 days
The rest of the office is at home full time, everyone doing minimal work and it was made clear in June we wouldnt be back in till January by head office. She has wangled special reasons for her own ebenefit to stay home and have me in. she won't be replaced soon. She's very close to our boss and even pecks him on the cheek every Friday!

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Stirmecrazy Fri 28-Aug-20 20:07:22

I think getting back into the office with your bosses boss might not be a bad thing . If you can show how productive you are compared with her maybe it won’t be long before you have her job instead. Think of this as an opportunity to shine

Stirmecrazy Fri 28-Aug-20 20:08:36

Ok just seen your update still stands though our of sight out of mind

brightfuture1 Fri 28-Aug-20 20:09:09

our boss is very relaxed and acknowledges my contribution as does my supervisor to a lesser degree- hence her praising me often and persuading me to stay.However it does not translate to reciprocated benefits. im safe in the job as im essentially a 1 person dept in a team with her

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brightfuture1 Fri 28-Aug-20 20:13:23

yes but im the only one of 5 people asked to come back at all and that too full time and not 2-3 days which would be reasonable. our company is progressive and open to wfh but she has just had our boss make an exception for me with a flimsy excuse.
wfh is now acknowledged as a perk of the job but she doesn't want it extended to me is what it feels like, though she's 'having the time of her life' at home and doing little work

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sunlight81 Fri 28-Aug-20 20:13:36

Look for a new job ASAP ... u will never win this one and the kids an the cheek ever friday is testimony to this.

What goes around come around and karma will one day kick her ass.

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