Messed up return from mat leave

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mylittlesandwich Thu 27-Aug-20 15:07:13

I'm trying so hard to remain calm and not panic. My employer has not processed my return from mat leave properly. They've underpaid me by over a thousand pounds and my mortgage payment comes off tomorrow.
Since I returned to work at the start of the month I've had 3 different managers, they've all been off on holiday at different times and everything is falling apart.
My bank holidays I accrued while off will probably be lost because of misinformation given by an ops manager who is no longer with the company, I was stupid enough not to get this agreement in writing. I've learned my lesson.
They haven't processed that I'm back so although I've been working for weeks I haven't been paid for them, I also worked KIT days in the weeks leading up to my return and I haven't been paid for those either.
Once I've heard from my previous manager (no longer my manager but the manager who took over today is now on holiday for a fortnight so I went to him for help) I'll need to start calling creditors to explain that their payments will bounce.
I'm so stressed about all this, as if returning from mat leave and leaving your baby wasn't stressful enough.

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nerdsville Thu 27-Aug-20 17:13:24

This is shit, but also fixable so try to stay calm. They can have the money owed in your account tomorrow for you, so you may be able to avoid any payments bouncing.

You need to speak to payroll first thing and find out exactly what needs to happen in order to get paid what you are owed, then make those things happen.

Your previous manager should be able to confirm your return to work date and any KIT days you worked, and any bank holidays accrued during mat leave should automatically be given to you (they can see which ones you're owed by looking at your mat leave dates) so then you just need someone (maybe the same manager?) to authorise paying them instead of adding them to your holiday entitlement.

Being nice to payroll goes a long way (always worked with me!) so get them on side to help you navigate what needs to happen in order to get you paid.

Explain that you have payments leaving your account tomorrow and you absolutely cannot wait until next week for a payment. It's not payroll's fault as they'll be acting on the info they're given, so be pleasant but firm on the fact you cannot wait for a payment. Then hunt down your previous manager and don't leave their side until they've sent the necessary info to payroll to get things sorted!

mylittlesandwich Thu 27-Aug-20 17:39:33

HR have received the form from my manager. He sent it over as soon as they said they need it. Spoke to HR and they will prioritise the case but it will take at least 2-3 working days, probably longer because they're busy.

I had to call my mortgage provider and explain that the payment won't come off, it's going to bounce.

I'd rather have the days as holidays but the re-written mat policy states that they have to be taken before you return, something I questioned at the time but was told that no, they didn't.

It's really difficult to track anyone down right now as we're all working from home. Everyone is now done for the day, I'm not really any further forward on getting paid.

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Horehound Thu 27-Aug-20 17:44:06

Yes that is true re using hols from last year before you return.

I'm sure your mortgage company will be fine as will other utilities. You're not saying you're not Gona pay them just that you cants right now. It's not that big a deal however do you have money for food? If not I'd be hounding hr and say it's an emergency

Dyrne Thu 27-Aug-20 17:44:11

Don’t get fobbed off - as PP have said, they can do it, they just won’t prioritise it if they think they can get away with it. Keep on at them, make sure they understand you will be at significant risk of financial hardship if this isn’t prioritised. Get on the phone from 0800 tomorrow to chase.

LatteLover12 Thu 27-Aug-20 17:44:23

This happened to me when I went back to work years ago and payroll wrote me a cheque for the amount I was owed.

Push hard enough, you shouldn't have to wait/get into difficulties because of their error.

SallyCinnamon3009 Thu 27-Aug-20 17:51:59

This happened to me! I got the money the next day. Keep a note of any charges you get from bills bouncing though and I would have asked my work to pay them. If your struggling to get an answer and in a union contact a local rep for advice

mylittlesandwich Thu 27-Aug-20 18:51:09

@SallyCinnamon3009 hadn't even thought of the Union. I'll get back on to HR as soon as they open and if I can't get them to agree to pay me tomorrow I'll call the union. We don't have an office rep, not enough members I don't think but I should be able to get a hold of someone. I'm obviously just back from mat leave and DH had been furloughed so we are skint!

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mylittlesandwich Fri 28-Aug-20 09:28:30

Just trying to get in touch with the Union this morning. Everything I got paid has gone already on bills. I feel sick.

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