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Effy1990 Wed 26-Aug-20 09:52:48

In my current job which is have been doing for 8 years I feel I have stagnated and am not enjoying it the way I was. I have been promoted since starting but I feel like it's time to move on.

I am looking at doing a teaching degree (I already have a chemistry degree) but I don't know if my heart is truely there or whether it's just an obvious and easy career change.

What other directions could I go in. I know I want to stay in science and I want to 'help people'. I currently work in medical devices and think that it might be a bit too far away from my goal of making a difference and this is why I am feeling this way.

My eldest child will start school next September so this is the perfect year to start looking at further qualification options so that by the time the youngest starts 2 years later I will be in a 'new' career.

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FTMF30 Wed 26-Aug-20 19:09:54

What exactly is your job? Could you not do the same job bit at a different place? That might give you the change you need whilst potentially opening up further opportunities?

Effy1990 Wed 26-Aug-20 19:15:56

No I have anti competition clauses in my contract and there is only one other major company in this country manufacturing. There are smaller places but I still have the clauses in my contract.

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Effy1990 Wed 26-Aug-20 19:18:40

My job title is scientist and I work within medical device manufacture. Unfortunately my role has specialist knowledge of which most is non transferable.

So any job I look for I have the skills which are transferable but not the knowledge.

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FTMF30 Wed 26-Aug-20 21:15:28

Oh I see. Maybe you could explore wider careers in STEM and look into the qualifications you'd need for that particular career?

I really have no idea about your field so, if nothing else, hopefully my comment has given a useful bump and someone else can offer more useful advice.

I certainly know how you feel though. I'm also in the process of reassessing my career.

topcat2014 Wed 26-Aug-20 21:18:30

All jobs have value, OP.
Medical devices are important,
Is your job convenient, well paid, etc?

There was a thread a year back where:
Teachers wanted to leave to be nurses
Lawyers fancied being teachers,
Nurses wanted to do anything else.. etc etc.

Having said that, 8 years is a good stab at any job.

Heartlake Wed 26-Aug-20 21:21:25

Something clinical in diagnostic or therapeutic services? If you re-train, see if you can get accreditation of prior learning? So cardiac practitioner, lab scientist, occupational therapist, endoscopy practitioner?

Effy1990 Thu 27-Aug-20 07:58:48

I know all jobs have value it's just over the last few years I've felt like I need to get out soon or I will be there for life. (Most people go within 5 years or are there forever.)

When I'm at work it's convenient distance, pay is ok although on the lower end when compared with the most comparable jobs in the area.

I have got lab experience it's just in my area I don't have the 'right' experience and it would put me right back down to lab tech level which as a family we can't afford for me to do.

But I could look at occupational therapy or something like that. Going the practitioner route would require a lot more training then for example the year for me to teach.

But you've all given me something to think about as although I am looking into teaching it is something which I need to go into with my heart and soul and I don't know if I'm that passionate about it.

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