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Danniiaddy Sat 22-Aug-20 00:34:43

Hi all!
I was just wondering if someone could give me some advice as I can’t get in touch with CAB.
Employer insists they are right and I am wrong...
So...received notice of redundancy yesterday and the redundancy amount offered seemed a bit lower than I had calculated.

I worked prior to furlough in March - 20 hrs per week.

We were asked to sign a new contract during furlough to reduce our hours to 18 hrs per week effective 27th July.

I’ve not been at work since March when I was furloughed.

Work is saying they are only Paying my redundancy based on my ‘new contracted hours of 18 hrs’
I read that redundancy has to be based on earnings for the 12 weeks prior to furlough, ergo 20 hours a week.

They are adamant they only have to pay me for the 18 hours as I signed a new contract even though I’ve not worked those hours at all as I’ve been on furlough

I know it’s not a massive difference but it’s the principle if I’m right...


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Grumpsy Sun 23-Aug-20 17:49:18

I think it’s the 12 week average from the point you get your notice of redundancy, so if you signed your contract over 12 weeks before this they would be correct (I think) unless you’re contract states otherwise (e.g enhanced redundancy allowance)

My best advice would be to call ACAS rather than the CAB. They are employment law focussed rather than being the jack of all trades.

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