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DP stressed about work

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heyyyall Fri 21-Aug-20 06:49:09

My DP is current under a significant amount of stress at work. His job was stressful before the pandemic hit but with the business losing clients and redundancies that have happened his stress level is off the charts.

He is struggling to sleep
He suffering from acid reflux due to stress.
He is working long hours
His boss just keeps giving him more work to do and he is expected to do it.
More people are leaving which will mean more work for him.

He has booked a week off in a couple of weeks and he is already going to log on a couple of days to join certain calls (he says this will be easier for him than dealing with it when he goes back).

I am really concerned about his mental health.

I'm picking up some of his normal chores round the house to try and give him some down time but what else can I do or suggest he does?

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MrsOldma Fri 21-Aug-20 16:23:02

Get him out for some exercise, even just a quick walk around the neighbourhood after tea. That may also help with his sleep. Maybe one of those sleep apps may help too.

The reflux should be assessed by gp just in case there is an underlying cause and so he can receive appropriate meds etc.

Is he wfh at the moment or going in?

heyyyall Sat 22-Aug-20 02:35:54

He is working from home at the moment. He hardly leaves his desk during work hours. When we first both started wfh we would take it in turns making cups of tea but now he doesn't have time to stop so if I'm in the office or out for the day he will have nothing.
He is usually in back to back meetings and some days doesn't even have time for a toilet break let alone a lunch break gap in there.
A walk is a good idea I will definetly try that and see if it helps.
Reflux has been assessed and unfortunately medication doesn't help. It just get worse when stress is high.
I need him to look after himself before he gets run to the ground but he is worried about money and finding another job so stays where he is.

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