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What was your childhood dream?

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peachpuppy Fri 21-Aug-20 00:59:03

And if you had one, did you manage to complete it?

Mine was to live on a deserted island, do a lot of fishing and be really really tanned. Not sure I've checked that one off the list though wink

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SingingSands Fri 21-Aug-20 01:05:49

Mine was to have a lemonade tap above my bed so that I could have a drink whenever I was thirsty in bed. Of lemonade... the luxury!

Never happened grin

mangomcjango Fri 21-Aug-20 01:15:52

@SingingSands Let me guess, that's still top of the list of priorities for you right now, isn't it grin

Brilliant idea though, I think I'd have mine in cherry pepsi if I had been creative enough to have thought of it grin flowers

SingingSands Fri 21-Aug-20 01:24:38

I do still think of it if I wake up thirsty in the night, I have to admit!

I did realise one small childhood dream - to own a cat. I grew up in a dog household, but I'm not a dog person. My mum always said I could get a cat when I got my own house. So I did! About a month after I bought my first flat, my colleague asked if I wanted a kitten from a litter her cat had just had. I chose a black and white kitten and he was with me for 18 years grin

mangomcjango Fri 21-Aug-20 01:29:40

@SingingSands Awww I've got my two one-year-old black cats staring at me right now - they actually have a similar adoption story!

I always like when children have dreams that are very distanced from the adult dreams of jobs or financial stability - I think most adults secretly want fizzy drinks on tap, and cute pets, (maybe even deserted islands) but most people won't admit it 🙈 x

Bunglemom Fri 21-Aug-20 12:19:43

I wanted to be cabin crew from a very early age... i thought it was the most glam job on earth!

Yes i did it and trust me there's nothing glam about it!🤣😫

jessstan2 Fri 21-Aug-20 12:50:59

To be grown up and leave home.

OverTheRainbow88 Fri 21-Aug-20 12:52:03

Mine was to live on a farm... I didn’t happen but I enjoy days out to local farms with the kids! In hindsight not sure I would be up to the early mornings!!

mangomcjango Fri 21-Aug-20 13:00:26

@Bunglemom Cabin crew, that's very specific grin what do you think sparked that passion?

mangomcjango Fri 21-Aug-20 13:01:03

@jessstan2 I'm assuming you've managed that one so well done! grin flowers

mangomcjango Fri 21-Aug-20 13:01:45

@OverTheRainbow88 Yeah I don't think I could handle the 3am wakeups honestly grin sounds like you got the best of both worlds x

Bunglemom Fri 21-Aug-20 13:04:17


I think it was going on holiday when i was 8 and seeing how 'glam' the job looked and the women just looked like they were having a blast!

Lol im glad i did it though as i truly enjoyed it (even being handed a sick bag as someone was still being sick in it!)

Time40 Fri 21-Aug-20 13:04:34

I wanted to be an engine driver. Later on, I wanted to be a tv cameraman (it wasn't a job open to women at the time).

I also wanted to get enormously rich so I could buy a house with huge grounds and have an annual steam rally in my garden.

Actually ... yes, it's a shame none of those things happened!

BarkandCheese Fri 21-Aug-20 13:19:40

I wanted to be an archaeologist, have my own indoor swimming pool and have a tiny, portable TV which I could take with me everywhere and watch TV under the covers in bed at night.

The first two never happened, but Netflix on my iPad in bed (not actually under the covers) is a regular part of my life.

mangomcjango Fri 21-Aug-20 13:31:34

@mangomcjango Ahh yes a similar train of thought to glamorising the air hostess line of work grin too many sick bags to count, in both! x

mangomcjango Fri 21-Aug-20 13:32:10

@Time40 What an incredible array of childhood dreams grin what do you do now, if you don't mind me asking?

mangomcjango Fri 21-Aug-20 13:32:56

@BarkandCheese Sounds like you had a dream, and you modernised it grin and hey, there's always time for the indoor swimming pool!

Time40 Fri 21-Aug-20 13:39:17

Time40 What an incredible array of childhood dreams grin what do you do now, if you don't mind me asking?

@mangomcjango I'm a fiction writer!

mangomcjango Fri 21-Aug-20 13:40:59

@Time40 Hahahaha I think that fits all of those dreams together quite nicely actually! Maybe your next fiction piece should include an engine driver who on the weekends works as a cameraman, and lives in a mansion grin

Time40 Fri 21-Aug-20 13:44:20

lol mangomcjango!

In adult life I did make a very serious attempt to become a professional stills photographer, but in the end I realised I had no particular talent, and would never been anything more than just competent.

mangomcjango Fri 21-Aug-20 13:48:06

@Time40 When did you decide to make the switch to fiction writer, or was it something you had your toe in for a while? I'm definitely into the idea of going into the creative writing world - had a very small amount of success with some poems and a few personal essays. It's definitely a hard dream to pursue though, given the standard success rate of being a writer sad smile

NoMoreFlowers Fri 21-Aug-20 13:51:12

I wanted to be a beachcomber. Ended up as a civil servant 😂

mangomcjango Fri 21-Aug-20 13:52:47

@NoMoreFlowers Oh yeah, same vein then grin grin

Time40 Fri 21-Aug-20 13:52:57

I was taking writing seriously from the age of about seven, and I started trying to make it a profession after I graduated from university.

You're not wrong about its being a hard dream to pursue, mango! And it's much harder now than it was when I started. I'd say go for it, but don't pin all your hopes on it - one definitely needs other sources of income. Well done on your writing success so far!

CaptainCorellisPangolin Fri 21-Aug-20 13:54:22

-Become a pirate (did not happen). This was a dream for quite an embarrassingly long time.
- Become a 1930s style private detective (did not happen but I still reckon I would have been good at it).
- Live on a canal boat à la Thursday's Child (happened briefly).
- Have a book published (ACHIEVED).

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