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Let myself down massively....

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Cordial11 Mon 17-Aug-20 11:29:15

Had a phone interview for my dream job today however it used a new technology of speaking to a robot for the questions. I will guess they listen back and make the decision on who comes in face to face.

I really struggled on the first few questions to get into flow without a person at the other end to listen/feedback. Kicking myself now thinking of great answers and not the stumbled mess I did earlier. I got better in the end so I am hoping they listen the whole way through and I saved it ! Ahhhhhh angry

Just disappointed in myself and know I could do better sad

Has anyone did a robot interview before?

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Ceriane Mon 17-Aug-20 11:35:47

I always think of better answers after the interview even when it’s face to face. I think everyone does, it’s nerves. I’m sure they will understand and realise you got better as it went on and that it was just getting used to the format. I bet you’re not the only one.

Cordial11 Mon 17-Aug-20 11:40:49

Hopefully! It's a complete new format but a good one, I bet it'll take off soon.

Praying to hear back. Really is a dream role that I have never seen before and suits my experience and home life perfectly !

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