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Do I stick or switch?

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THJ8LL Wed 12-Aug-20 08:09:17

Hi. I've been working at my organisation for exactly 3 years now, previous to that I was at a similar organisation for 18 months and these have been my longest jobs.
At the moment I'm currently driving 1.5 hours to work and 1 hour home sometimes this can be a 2 hour each way journey depending on the day.
I also get contacted regularly whilst in annual leave or whilst at home which really does make me unhappy at the job and even after brining this up with line manager, nothing changes.

I do enjoy the job but I'd say 3 days a week I come home in a bad mood feeling like I don't want to go back the next day.

My issue is that my partner and I will be TTC after Christmas and I fear that if I go into a new role and get pregnant early in that role I won't be offered a maternity package the same as if I had been in a role a few years.

If I were to stay in this role until pregnancy I would not be returning afterwards due to travel time

Would you stick or switch?

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hellywelly3 Wed 12-Aug-20 08:11:16

I’d stick especially in the current climate

Bluebiscuits Wed 12-Aug-20 08:30:46

If you wont be returning you may not be eligible for any maternity payments from the company, and you will just get statutory pay - you need to check. I would move jobs though, that's a lot of travel.

THJ8LL Wed 12-Aug-20 12:19:09

@hellywelly3 such an uncertain time at the moment I think I would have to search high and low for a job at the moment

@bluebiscuits a few others in the organisation have not returned after maternity and got the full amount so I think I would be okay. The travelling does impact how much I love the job overall and costs me a fortune which I could be putting aside for a baby fund

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