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C152H Tue 11-Aug-20 21:39:33

What a terrible situation; I'm glad you're moving on.

What was your old company policy on giving references? Do they simply direct people to HR for a factual reference (i.e. x worked in x role from x date to x date)? If so, I would just state that it's company policy to only provide a factual reference, then highlight the personal references from the job you had for 8 years and your volunteering referee.

I'm afraid I don't have a suggestion about ways to phrase why you left your horrible job - perhaps try to think of a positive answer that would benefit your next employer e.g. if the job you're applying for has said they want a particular skill, like communication, say you wanted to move into a role where you would have the opportunity to make more use of your communication skills, and be ready to back this up with examples of what you did well / what you learnt from your last role.

Good luck!

Claire926 Tue 11-Aug-20 16:37:10

I am applying for jobs and a lot of places want a previous employer reference. I have not listed my previous employer as my job became stressful with the workload of 2 people to do which I informed my line manager on multiple occasions with evidence and it fell on deaf ears.

I ended up being run down and got a severe chest infection for 6 weeks and had to go off sick. My employer kept harassing me whilst I was trying to recover and bullied me to return to work whilst still ill. I ended up returning whilst still ill. When I returned my colleagues were saying malicious comments that I was pretending to be ill while they had to do my work as the manager had not got a temp in. Other colleagues also asked me why some of my tasks had not been done when I had been off which they needed doing.

I ended up going off sick long term as my body was still weak with physical anxiety symptoms too and I was still fighting the chest infection. Being in the toxic office and trying to catch up with my work did not help. I eventually got sacked, I got the union involved who attended my dismissal meeting. This ended up being a waste of time as I was only a permanent employee for 18 months and not 2 years so in the eyes of the law it was ok for my employer to break the law.

I have a previous employer who I was with for 8 years and I only ever had about 7 sick days the whole time I worked for them. They were a good employer and have written me good references for my work and timekeeping etc.

I just feel like I would be penalised by my old employer's reference so they can 'get their own back' for me being off and getting a union involved even though they did nothing to help me. I'm trying to make a fresh start and having to keep seeing my old employer's details on application forms is triggering back bad memories.

If a new employer was to ask why I have not stated my previous employer what would I say?

I have a current volunteering referee, 2 personal referees, a professional referee and a college tutor referee I can use who would I all confirm I am reliable with good timekeeping etc as I have had good health, respect and support to be able to carry out my functions effectively.

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