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022828MAN Mon 10-Aug-20 17:30:19

I currently work 4 days a week 8.30-4.30 with the occasional late shift and one weekend a month. This has been brilliant having children and suited me really well. The team are great but I'm just not overly satisfied or passionate with the role/duties and there isn't a great deal of room for progression, which is something I'd like to pursue.
I have a possibility of 2 other jobs but really don't know what is for the best -

Both jobs are in the same field - an area that interests me a lot and with more scope for progression and climbing the ladder. It's just the hours that are putting me off and I'm hoping others that work shifts could shed some light on how they manage with kids.

Job offer 1 - would be 3 long shifts a week (7.30-9pm), including nights and weekends. So I wouldn't see my kids at all if I had 3 shifts back to back, although I'd then get 4 days off during the week.

Job offer 2 - 4 shifts per week (8am-6pm), mainly mon-fri, no nights and not many weekends. SO shifts not as long but still would probably only just get home to put the kids to bed and then would only just have 3 days off in the week.

DH works mon-thurs 8-6pm so the days I'd be working the same as him we'd need wrap around care and I feel like they'd barely see either of us. They're only young 4 and 1 years old so I'd worry it could affect them...

Any advice/sharing experiences would be greatly appreciated!

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Livedandlearned Mon 10-Aug-20 18:29:25

With the 3 long days, is there any guarantee that the shifts are in blocks or are they dotted around? One day on and one day off kind of thing?

Livedandlearned Mon 10-Aug-20 18:31:53

Also sometimes I get all my shifts shoved in at the end of one week and the beginning of the next which is annoying. So all weekend and then Monday Tuesday. I used to feel as though I was doing the opposite to the rest of my family, when they were home I was working. Nights can be hard with small kids too.

022828MAN Mon 10-Aug-20 18:44:02


With the 3 long days, is there any guarantee that the shifts are in blocks or are they dotted around? One day on and one day off kind of thing?

No, unfortunately there's no guarantee so would have them all lumped together and like you say how the weeks meet, I could potentially end up doing 6 back to back long days! The 4 days 8-6 might seem the more sensible now I've written it down.

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Livedandlearned Mon 10-Aug-20 18:46:43

Whilst your dc need wraparound care I agree. 4 days off sounds lovely but the first day is always resting (for me anyway) and then if you're back in the next day it all gets a bit much.

Girlintheframe Tue 11-Aug-20 07:26:21

I used to do long days but recently moved to 8-4.30.
Long shifts sounds great due to the time off but in reality they can be exhausting. It's especially bad if like a PP you end up doing 3 shifts at the end of the week then 3 at the beginning of the week.
Having done both shift patterns I would say the 8-4.30 is far easier despite doing more days.

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