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1willgetthere Mon 10-Aug-20 16:00:11

Im writing a CV and need help with employment history (and then the rest!),
Prior to Uni had bar jobs (thinking to delete these from CV)
After Uni (2003) I had a temp Job in accounts (thinking of deleting)
Then late 2003 - 2011 accounting job - Made redundant, also pregnant with DC2
2011 - 2015 4 different accounting jobs, some temporary to cover busy 5 months of the year
Left last accounting job in 2015 and retrained as a counsellor.
Whilst studying did a placement at a GPs surgery and a charity, Qualified 2018 and have continued with the charity part time some paid some voluntary hours.

So do you agree to not include the bars and first temp job?
Do I explain the 6 month gaps, after redundancy and between the later accounting roles? Do I explain the gap from last accounting role to first counselling placement? ie studying and looking after DC.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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