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References when been a SAHM for 5 years

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Lookingbackatme Wed 05-Aug-20 09:06:39

I didn’t go back to work after mat leave so technically left work 4.5 years ago, when including mat leave it’s actually been 5.5 years.

What do I do about references? The department I was in always had a high turnover and I have no idea if my manager or Head of Department are still there. The HR department would only ever give a statement to confirm that X person was employed in X role for X years but surely employers want personal references - so who should that be? It wasn’t the mind of job where you had a network of business contacts that you could call upon to ask them if they would provide a work reference (and I can imagine would have got into big trouble if you attempted to do so). I just think asking friends or former colleagues is a bit odd as they are not privy and/or biased to your work strengths and weaknesses etc.

Sorry for the questions but I was there ten years and so with being at home I haven’t interviewed in about 15 years now.

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updownroundandround Wed 05-Aug-20 11:51:01

I had been out of the workplace as a SAHM for over 15yrs, so I had the same issue.
I had been volunteering at a special needs group for 3 years and was actually running it when I decided to go back to work, so I put my old employer as 1 reference and someone who had previously run the special needs group as 2nd reference.

Could you do some volunteer work for a while so you could have a 'current' reference maybe ?

Spam88 Wed 05-Aug-20 12:34:48

Is this for a particular job or just generally? They normally just want confirmation that you were indeed in that job, the employer should tell you what references they need (e.g. previous employer, personal reference etc).

Lookingbackatme Wed 05-Aug-20 14:08:42

I’ve just been told about a potential job opportunity by someone who works at the company, hence the questions. I had just had DBS and reference checks for volunteering completed just before lockdown and then I couldn’t do it as I had DC at home for 3 months when the schools closed.

So, I was hoping to volunteer and then later for a job but then this possible opportunity has arisen.

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updownroundandround Fri 07-Aug-20 12:19:43

In that case I'd be looking for either a friend or old work colleagues to ask for a personal reference. Maybe a friend from school or mums groups ? Your old work can still give them a basic work reference also.
Preferably, whoever you ask should have a professional qualification e.g teacher, electrician, clergy, police, doctor etc.

Good luck x

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