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Work Coach Interview - Help!

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RashdahHameed Mon 03-Aug-20 15:52:26

So there was a recent job application for work coach in the DWP and I passed the initial stages. I have now have a interview I have to do (video interview). However, I stupidly deleted the file that had to competencies etc written on it that they will assess you again. Does anyone have them? and the job specification? I tried searching online but its been taken down. So annoyed with myself!
Also any advise on type of questions that could come up?

Thank you

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Raintonrebel Sun 09-Aug-20 15:49:55

Its communication and influencing, and managing a quality service smile

janesav1 Mon 07-Sep-20 18:48:19

Hi Can you give any tips regarding passing the initial test please?
Do you mean the success Profiles and Behaviours form?

Babyroobs Mon 07-Sep-20 23:11:45

I imagine you would need a good working knowledge of Universal credit, work commitments etc.

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