Wrong time to quit?

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Carrie2806 Sat 01-Aug-20 19:24:24

I’ve been thinking of quitting my job for a little while, but I keep sticking it out because it’s quite convenient for me (flexi hours, short commute, but I am very overworked and underpaid.
I get very little praise (once a year, if you’re very lucky!) or direction. There are no reviews, PDRs or one to ones with my bosses. I’ve realised the behaviour of my bosses is quite toxic, they expect a lot and will occasionally give you a snippet of praise but generally wear us all down by being short, dismissive or even occasionally rude or offensive about us or our work.
I know I am good at my job so as a coping mechanism I managed to compartmentalise their behaviour and take any feedback on the chin on the most professional way I could. I thought it wasn’t affecting me but I can now see that it has chipped away at my confidence so I want to leave before they do any more damage.

Throughout lockdown I’ve felt very stressed and generally quite down. I have this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach I can’t shake, and I’ve just got this overwhelming urge to hand in my notice so I can walk away from this situation. I’m not generally a stressed or anxious person. I have a 3 month notice period so this is another thing that’s making me just want to quit now.

My work has also furloughed the vast majority of staff (and made a few redundancies) but are making us work anyway. I think initially they were generally worried about the business but now they’re just milking it for as long as they can. So I have completely lost the little respect I had left for them.

We would be ok for a few months just on my husbands salary (his job is quite secure too) but we would start to struggle after that. I am considering going freelance and I have an idea for a business. It would be such a relief to hand my notice in but I am worried about a possible recession and if I should just hang on for a bit longer, but god knows how I will be feeling mentally once this is all over.

What would you do in my situation?

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Nowthereistwo Sat 01-Aug-20 19:58:00

I would love to say do it, you have 3 months to find a new job or build up your freelance.

But only you know how much of a risk that is and if you can except those risks.

DragonflyInn Sat 01-Aug-20 20:12:44

Is there a middle ground? Eg request to go part time - giving yourself time and a little safety cushion to build up the freelance work?

How recession proof is the freelance work you have in mind (I wouldn’t be thinking of a ‘possible’ recession but how likely would you be able to build up work from scratch in a definite recession?)

Carrie2806 Sat 01-Aug-20 20:43:37

Thanks so much for your replies, it’s much appreciated! It’s been nice to hear your thoughts and just getting it off my chest has helped.

@DragonflyInn The middle ground is a good idea. I’m a manager where I work and we are looking to recruit two new roles within my team because we’re so busy. I love my team and they’re so wonderful...if we could exist in our own little bubble I’d be happy grin, it’s just the all the crap from above that comes along with it that I hate! So they might be open to me helping out part time or freelancing for them. It would be a cushion and remove some of that stress.

In terms of how recession proof it is, I honestly don’t know. I’m a designer, and I graduated in the midst of the last recession so I am getting deja vu with all those same worries about starting out again 😂 My plan is to update my CV and portfolio this week and speak to some recruiters to see what they think. I’ve seen some places are still hiring / expanding (although not local to me), so that does give me a bit of hope. I can easily work remotely so that could work in my favour too. It’s a gamble really!

I wish I had a crystal ball to know what was going to happen when the furlough scheme ends, as it’s been a bit of a sticking plaster and no one really knows the scope of how bad things are yet.

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