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Fee WAH Excel/Word, editing worksheets, checking figs, typing odd letter

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deelitefulmush Sat 01-Aug-20 17:27:17

Bear with me, new to mumsnet posting, used to browsing!

Will find same Q posted on Money or Work, Employment, where I see relevant, but in busy places in Talk if no replies, trying mupltiples as need to know by fortnights time:

Is there a rate per hour? Depend on the complexity? Or my qualifications? I have computer training experience, degree in science, done research, do writing and was an editor, its not an Office job and am not a qualified adminstrator per se. Returning to WAH due to COVID as cannot teach IT without colleges open etc. He cannot afford FT Office admin ppl, I'd work at home/WAH.
My contact some Word and Excel work done, approx 3-4 hours per week to start, more hours later. Hard to tell yet. Saw one letter and 8 page forms with fields filled in, will be dealing with Excel worksheets, formulae were already done by him. He knows nothing tho about Excel and Word, am resitting ECDL after teaching in past to brush up.

If I am going on a pay roll it has to involve paying social insurance, and declared to the DSP. I am to inform DSP next week of the rate of pay and calculate means, my max hrs are 18.5hrs pw, will never run over that, 10-15 max, its all above board. Do I submit payslips as DSP told me, with differing hours each week? At an hourly rate?

Would anyone have idea as asked what to reasonably charge? 20e? 35e? Gross or net? As surely someone will need to take insurance or tax or universal charges out of it? What is reasonable and practical? Thanks. Never did this before, appreciate any advice? Right thread?

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doadeer Sun 02-Aug-20 19:44:20

Sorry I'm confused what is your question?

BrieAndChilli Sun 02-Aug-20 19:59:24

You post does not read very well at all
And it’s not clear what you are asking or who ‘he’ is or what exactly the job is!

Hoppinggreen Wed 05-Aug-20 22:14:42

I agree that your post is a bit garbled but the first things would say is that you seem to be talking about charging a rate which suggests you will be SE, are you in The UK? Possibly not given that you mention Euros I think

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