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Do I stay or do I go?

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UserLibra78 Fri 31-Jul-20 20:46:20

Hi people just wandering if you can help me with my choice.

Stay in this company for 4 years now. Been pass over for promotion for at least 5 times. To move up tge ladder will require specialist on the job training + additional paper qualification which will cost me £5k.


I can search for another job with the same pay and move up from there. I have the generic paper qualification.

Which one will you guys pick?

Thanks in advance

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AlCalavicci Fri 31-Jul-20 21:35:17

Do you know why you have been passed over ?
Would you need to get the specialist training to get the promotion or will you get the training once you have been offered the position ?

If it is the former can you put yourself forward for it or do some work in that field to prove you know what you are talking about.
If it is the latter can you speak to your line manage and ask if you can have some feed back on why you have not been offered the job.

You say you have been passed over 5 times but was it for the same position ? it seems odd that the role has needed filling 5 times in 4 years , personally i would give the position a wide berth !
If it was not for the same position it may seem like you are just grabbing for any job that is going rather than biding your time till the right one comes along .

jassa090 Fri 31-Jul-20 21:37:03

If your job is secure and or you have a good redundancy package then leaving would be the last thing on my mind right now.

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