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Voluntary Redundancy

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Ronnie1234 Tue 28-Jul-20 12:54:32

I’ve been with current employer 16 years part time for the last 9 years between having two children
I was called to a meeting yesterday & offered VR with a standard package & an extra payment length or service & commitment which I will only receive if I take up the VR offer
I won’t be required to work my notice period which is 12 weeks & will remain on furlough but at 100% rather than the 80% currently on
I feel I have no option but to take up this offer.
I have a few questions am I technically still employed for the next 12 weeks by the company as:

This could affect my daughters age 3 nursery funding?
If I get another job within these 12 weeks what happens? 
I’m sure I will have more questions! 

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Ronnie1234 Tue 04-Aug-20 13:57:46

The funding is starting again in Wales
It looks like I’m getting my 12 weeks notice paid in one go but employment terminates 23rd October

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