Call Centre Jobs Based At Home

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peanutbutterandbanana Fri 31-Jul-20 17:53:31

@pinkglittery - thank you

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Pinkglittery Mon 27-Jul-20 19:09:40

Yeah it's fine. It's simple and easy. I chat to people all day and give them quotes. No sales targets or anything which is great. I like that I can pick my own hours and that's great to fit in with the kids. I tend to work in the day while they are at school then a break for school run and tea. Then I go back for a couple of hours in the evenings.

QueenCT Mon 27-Jul-20 11:49:57

@sunglasses123 not all though
Call centre work is heavily monitored, I have to log in and out on time and exactly 15 min breaks, not a second over. It's totally visible what I am doing at any time

peanutbutterandbanana Mon 27-Jul-20 11:48:13

Thank you - really helpful. @Pinkglittery - are you enjoying the work?

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sunglasses123 Mon 27-Jul-20 10:58:50

I have to say having had the need to contact a raft of government depts over the last few months that IMHO there is a shed load of skivving going on now that call centre staff can work at home. DVSA is a complete disgrace. I used to work as a govenment supplier for many many years and these people need to hang their heads in shame.

I also used to work for a FTSE company who embraced home working but time and time again they were let down by people who thought it was an opportunity to do very little.

Typical government dept sadly. They wouldnt have been furloghed for obvious reasons but it would be easy for this lazy so and so's to mask what they are really doing!

Livpool Mon 27-Jul-20 10:48:41

All of the call centre staff in my company are now remote working so I think more companies will go down that route. No expensive rental fees

YinuCeatleAyru Mon 27-Jul-20 08:10:51

yes this kind of job exists e.g. this one (nb I don't work for this company and have no idea if it's a good company to work for)

however you need your home to be quiet and calm - no ruckus of kids playing or dogs barking while you are on the phone, and you must never break off a conversation to tell your child to stop doing #extremelyDangerousLifeThreareningThing so not all home environments are suitable for this kind of work.


Pinkglittery Mon 27-Jul-20 08:07:45

It is possible. I work for a company called Sensee which does exactly this. They have various contracts, like car insurance customer service, companies like that. All incoming calls, paid hourly. You have a contract for so many hours but you pick your own (within a few constraints)

You have to provide your own equipment, so phone and PC etc. I've been doing it for over a year.

peanutbutterandbanana Mon 27-Jul-20 07:43:56

Hi, is this possible? To work from home doing call centre work? If so - which companies are supplying such work? Thank you

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