Nhs continuous service query?

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badfurday Fri 24-Jul-20 09:16:45

I have 17 years continuous nhs service. I am currently on mat leave with my SMP due to end on the 27th August. I won't be returning to my current trust but to another trust instead. I have 25 days accrued annual leave, which if tagged into the end of the 27th August, takes me to 2nd October. My start date at my new trust will be the 5th October.

HR in my current role have said the 27th August will be my leaving date and my annual leave will be paid in a lump sum in my August pay. I'm concerned this will leave me a month off any NHS employment and may affect my continuous service. Can anyone advise? I have queried this with HR but they still haven't replied.

Thanks in advance. smile

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user1471462115 Fri 24-Jul-20 10:16:46

Don’t worry. I have had up to 8 weeks between nhs jobs and still have continuous service. Last time was 10:years ago mind, but I am sure you can have a rest between contracts

jadealisha Sat 25-Jul-20 23:13:44

It may cause an issue, it depends on you current Trust. I'm going through that at the moment with my Trust, adding AL also takes me up to October 5th lol. They. Can not refuse the annual leave unless it affects the running of the department e.g another member of the team already being on AL, however you won't be returning! I confirmed my last day with my department to be the 4th October which included my annual leave and my manager said it was fine. However she contacted me again saying our CTL didn't want to do that and I last office day would be the day I return back from Mat leave in September. I then contacted HR i they told me exactly what I stated above, so I contacted my other manager (I have 2) about the matter, I informed her that I would be contacting HR again as that is what they advised me to do if my AL was refused ( honouring my AL would not affect the department however obviously will affect me personally, giving me more time with my children before I switch Trusts or departments (I have had 3 job offers so undecided atm) and she said she would sort it. She contacted me later that day saying my AL was honoured because they knew I wouldn't just allow them to take the piss. Ask for the specific reason why they have refused your AL x

jadealisha Sat 25-Jul-20 23:15:52

I didn't answer the question lol. If they didn't honour my AL and my return back to work was still the 16th September and my new job started 5th October, my continued years of service wouldn't roll on. I was annoyed because my manager already confirmed the 5th October to me, I contacted me new employers (all 3 of them😬) with that date and then my CTL changed her mind! Xx

badfurday Sun 26-Jul-20 06:36:17

Thanks for the reply.

The more I think about it, the more I fell they can't tell me when my last day will be. I haven't officially handed my notice in yet, so surely if I write it saying my last day will be the 2nd October they have to honour that?!

I'll try emailing them again tomorrow.

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