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Night shifts

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nonamemummy Fri 17-Jul-20 14:34:21

I work in a care home and thinking of swapping to night shifts. Could anyone tell me their experience of swapping to night shifts, and how they deal with doing night shifts, especially if you have kids, like your sleeping patterns and days off etc ?

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SeasideArms Fri 17-Jul-20 16:21:51

I do mixed shifts - all I can say is if you are doing full night shifts, on a permanent basis, you need to sleep during the day. Don't think you can come home and crack on with child care. Physically it's just not possible. That said, I don't work in a care home. Would you get some sleep overnight at work? That would obviously change things!

nonamemummy Fri 17-Jul-20 17:06:33

So do you do some days and nights? How do you find it?
Absolutely no sleeping on shift. I’m now thinking maybe instead of swapping over to nights permanently maybe just doing some extra shifts at night instead

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SeasideArms Mon 20-Jul-20 18:21:13

Sorry for late reply!
If you could try a few nights first that would give you an idea of how well you cope with them. Also, the younger you are the easier it is, I think. (Certainly is harder for me now!)
My shifts are weird, but I've seen others on here say they work all night, get home, do nursery or school run, sleep, then back for school pick up. Personally I could do this after my final night, but not in the middle of four 12hr night shifts.

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