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Getting pregnant in a new job

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Mishmased Sun 12-Jul-20 20:38:52

How soon did you get pregnant after starting a new job?

I started a new job on a two year fixed term contract last August. In Jan of this year I applied and got a perm position that I started just as covid kicked in. Been juggling work and childcare with DH like other families. I was then moved to another team two weeks ago so almost starting again.
We have two kids aged 4 and 7. Due to buying a house etc we weren't able financially to have a third as it will impact on being able to save deposit, extra childcare. I would have had a third last year but I decided to switch careers (same industry, different departments) so I had to move jobs hence I'm here a year later without my anticipated third child.
I just turned 34 and I feel time isn't on my side and my youngest will be 5 in aug and eldest 8 next Jan so gap is getting bigger.

Also we struggled with childcare as we still have no childcare and DH is working from home since March so he has to juggle work and the kids two days a week. My new role is shift 4 cycle and it was my managers suggestion to help with my childcare situation. I work 2x days, 2x nights and get 31/2 (4) days off.

So I'm at a dilemma, get pregnant with just a year of service and be faced with 'how are you going to manage childcare' or don't have another?
Funny in my previous job I was there 8 months when I got pregnant with my first and I didn't even think about it.

If you're a manager how will you or did you react? We had childcare pre covid but childminder cannot look after the kids as her family are working from home including husband and two adult children (23 and 26).

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greenflamingo Sun 12-Jul-20 20:41:00

Just have a baby and don’t overthink it. Your family is way more important!

Mishmased Sun 12-Jul-20 20:50:03


Just have a baby and don’t overthink it. Your family is way more important!

Haha I guess you're right, I've been thinking way too much About it gringrin

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