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Any UK government guidelines for working parents due to Corona?

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completetheform Sun 12-Jul-20 09:08:47

I read an article yesterday that the US Federal Government had put out some guidelines for employers of working parents.

Has there been anything similar in the UK?

I ask because I was surprised to see that the US Federal government had said something, didn't think they did things like that - it appears to be mostly ignored from what I've heard.

I'm asking because if my employer said anything like that and they are pretty good about this kind of thing I completely missed it and my manager certainly hasn't brought it to my attention.

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completetheform Sun 12-Jul-20 10:34:18

I thinki got my answer from the sun of all places

Tom Neil, a senior adviser at workplace advisory firm ACAS said: "Existing laws on employment rights will still apply at work until the government passes any new emergency laws through parliament to help deal with the coronavirus outbreak."

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