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How many hours a week do you work?

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coffeewithmilk Thu 09-Jul-20 16:40:41

As the title says really

I'm currently on 34.5 hour week and feeling really guilty as I want to reduce my hours due to the stress of the job. It's beginning to make me unhappy even thinking about going into work.
I've emailed HR to find out what the reduction in salary would be.

How many hours do you work - and would/have you reduced hours? Has this made for a happier work/life balance?

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foreverblowingbubbles87 Thu 09-Jul-20 16:42:59

Currently on maternity but usually work 45 hours a week. I too want to reduce my hours but there's no chance they would allow it. The stress isn't worth the money imo

CMOTDibbler Thu 09-Jul-20 16:46:30

Probably 45-50 normally

Peabody25 Thu 09-Jul-20 17:03:37

I worked full-time till I went on maternity leave seven years ago. Since then I do 27 hours a week over Tuesday-Thursday. Very lucky though as before the pandemic I could work from home one day a week and two long office days. Now I work every day from home but work fewer hours over more days. I'll change again during the summer holidays but my organisation, or at least my team, is extremely flexible.

nowaitaminute Thu 09-Jul-20 17:06:24

12.5 hours 1400 per month. I wouldn't go back full time for love nor money 😂

Shayisgreat Thu 09-Jul-20 17:09:55

Before having DS I worked 50-60 hours usually and I have no intention of doing that again while he is young.

I work 21 hours now and I switch off all devices linked to work at 5 or 5.30.

If you're getting unwell from working, reduce if possible!

Ohjustboreoff Thu 09-Jul-20 17:10:19

I work between 40 and 50 hrs PW. It's been a nightmare as both DH and I are both frontline emergency workers and have been working as normal. We were looking forward to getting some semblance of normalcy back but have just received a text from our childminder that due to government restrictions she can't have the DC's again. So it looks like I'll have to go part time to sort childcare. Not impressed at all.

OneRingToRuleThemAll Thu 09-Jul-20 17:12:55

37.5 hours. Local government full time.

Geometricprince Thu 09-Jul-20 17:13:12

Officially 35 but its usually more than that. However I do do compressed hours so have a day off every other week which I love!

BertieBotts Thu 09-Jul-20 17:21:47

Between 7-11 hours depending on how many classes I have.

It's nice in that I don't have to work very much but the money is shit and overall it's depressing and makes me feel I'm not worth very much! I am desperate to get a full time job.

cherrypiepie Thu 09-Jul-20 18:22:14

I'm a teacher work four days so contact is26 hours reality is 34 term time. My day off has given me my life back. I also took a demotion and moved closer to home. 10 minutes not 45.

I have saved in petrol costs about the cost of my demotion. In gross it's a 10k pay cut. In net it's negligible.

On the Monday i have off I clean, do jobs go to appointments and sometimes we have a long weekend (hotels are super cheap on a Sunday). I read a book watch a show and potter around the house. I look after the dog an see my mum or get my hair cut. Being able to do these things reduces the weekend stress enormously and the fear on Sunday night has gone. Occasionally I mark work.

Tamtam86 Thu 09-Jul-20 18:24:46

22.5 hours (3 X 7.5 hour days) it's great, such a better balance in comparison to full time

HowFastIsTooFast Thu 09-Jul-20 18:26:38

37.5 until Covid, now 25. I'm genuinely thinking of asking just to go back to 30 or 32 when we can, the improved work/life balance has been more of a positive than the drop in salary has been a negative.

Feels a bit decadent since I don't have kids yet, but if I can afford it and my employers are ok with it then why not.

Darkestseasonofall Thu 09-Jul-20 18:28:28

I do 22.5 hours, so 3 standard days. Take home about £1600 for that, perfect work / life balance IMO.

Redhound Thu 09-Jul-20 18:31:41

20 hours a week over three days currently; its a nice work life balance.

Lyricallie Thu 09-Jul-20 18:32:09

37.58 technically with a "38 minute" lunch break but those extra minutes gets me off the days between Christmas and New year without using any annual leave. So it works well. I work for a government body.

LunaLoveFood Thu 09-Jul-20 18:34:50

25 and it's perfect and term time only.

Ragwort Thu 09-Jul-20 18:35:19

Officially 24 but I do end up doing a few more than that, pay isn't very good but at my stage in life I am very happy to have a job that I love, no longer have any career ambitions and it suits me very well. smile

Sunrae28 Thu 09-Jul-20 18:35:28

I started my nursing career at 37.5 hours then when i went to the community I dropped to 30. Since having my son I now work 22.5 but that's the minimum you can drop do in my job. I have up and down weeks though as sometimes due to the nature of my job I end up working over my hours (not paid) It does work well with childcare and work life balance though

PawPatrolMakesMeDrink Thu 09-Jul-20 18:38:25

28 over three days.

eurochick Thu 09-Jul-20 18:48:43

Around 50 hours on an average week. Sometimes less, sometimes a lot more. I'm contracted to do 35 but that's not enough to get through the work and it's expected you just do what you need to do (law).

Cactuslove Thu 09-Jul-20 18:51:43

Officially 37hr but always so much more. We have a good flexi system but I'm too busy to take it. I am due my second baby in january so happy to keep working full time knowing I have an end date as such!

Linnet Thu 09-Jul-20 18:52:33


nowaitaminute Thu 09-Jul-20 18:53:03

Yes I forgot that I was term time only but I still get paid over holidays so 🙌

Mintjulia Thu 09-Jul-20 18:54:50

Paid work, about 40 hours, before furlough.

Am thoroughly sick of furlough and can’t wait to get back to work smile

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