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Health visitors /community nurses

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vinca Tue 07-Jul-20 19:31:13

I wonder if you are in my area, as we have been advertising for band 5 community staff nurses, as development posts, to become HV's in the future. It's a great opportunity to gain experience and see if the job is definitely for you.
Look at the UK Healthy Child Programme, (HCP- the underpinning of what HV's do) your local HV team website and Facebook pages to start with. Then look at the safeguarding elements of the role, and how HV's work with other services (mental health services/ preschools/ charities / children's social care/ police/housing etc) to promote children and families safety and wellbeing. Good Luck!

NurseandMum80 Tue 07-Jul-20 19:18:17

Thank you for your reply.
In the advert it states There is opportunity available for me to train a HV.
I guess you are right with the respect of deskilling myself.
But my long term goal is to be health visitor. I’ve been doing this job for 8 years and it’s changed so much sadly not for the better.
And half of me wants to go and the other half wants to stay lol

Thanks for your advice x

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Jent13c Tue 07-Jul-20 17:55:17

The community nurses that I know that work with the health visitors are responsible for the immunisations and some general HV activities led by the health visitors such as baby clinics. If you have a couple of years post reg experience would It be worth seeing if you could get a place as a trainee health visitor? I would personally be concerned I would become a little de skilled in the community nurse for HV role when at the moment you pretty much have full autonomy as a community nurse. We have a couple people in our trust who were recently accepted on a trainee HV place with just their one year post reg experience.

NurseandMum80 Sun 05-Jul-20 10:53:40

Hey I am currently a community nurse working with District Nurses. But I am really keen to become a health visitor in the future.

A position has come up in my local area for a community nurse to work with health visitors and I would love to get the job.
I wondered if anybody would be able to advise me on policies, current initiatives or plan That I could read and look over prior to an interview. (If I get an interview of course)
Also would anybody have an idea of the kind of questions that I may be asked?
Thank you in advance xx wink

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