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bc2992 Tue 30-Jun-20 10:05:59

Maybe I'm overthinking. I don't know. Just logged into my work emails and had a meeting request from my boss saying 'nothing to be worried about, just a chance to catch up and review maternity etc'

Maybe it's just my anxiety but the fact she's put nothing to be worried about has got me worried?!

Not sure what am asking for but would you be nervous lol

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maxelly Tue 30-Jun-20 11:16:20

No I don't think I would be worried, unless your boss is a real arsehole. It would be particularly horrible to tell someone not to be worried and then drop bad news on them! In fact when I had some training in how to break bad news to people (redundancies etc), I was taught that you want people to already be a little worried when they come into the meeting (not in anxious suspense for hours, worked into absolute hysteria with nerves etc but certainly not falsely reassured!). That way it's less of a shock... there's a little bit of an HR 'code' for a meeting which is bad news and 'just a catch up, nothing to worry about' isn't it although I do agree it's a bit of an odd thing to say!

Unless you have actual reason to believe otherwise I'd take your boss at her word. Do you not normally have regular catch ups, is that why she's felt the need to reassure you? That isn't very good management practice if so. Maybe she's been told off by her manager/HR for not meeting with you to review your maternity/do a pregnancy risk assessment already or something , or worried she is about to be told off, and so she is feeling a bit anxious herself?

bc2992 Tue 30-Jun-20 12:01:23

I think my hormones are making me worse to be fair. I know my boss hasn't been in a good place recently and when I nipped into see her yesterday it was quite rushed, so hopefully you're right and she genuinely just wants a catch up. I don't think I've done anything wrong at work lol but been trying to rack my brains to see if I have confused
Struggling with these hormones at the moment up and down constantly.

Thank you for your reply smile

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