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Civil Service SEO app help!

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Smudgeis13 Tue 23-Jun-20 15:02:05

As an ex-civil servant I saw that even more important than your ability to do the next job, was the ability to complete the application form. I think you should take advice from someone who has been through the process, successfully. Not someone in the private sector.

mamamona Tue 23-Jun-20 14:57:38

I work in the CS but am a lower grade as I was studying part time. I want to move up from this grade now, I'm not enjoying my work but at the same time only certain people are getting promoted and it's making me really nervous. The good news is I've been encouraged to apply for an SEO position for a fantastic role that I've been informally involved with through networking groups, but when it comes to actually writing the application I feel so lost.

I keep typing and deleting my statement. The success profile behaviours are leadership, communication and influencing, working together and delivering at pace. I haven't applied for anything since the success profiles have been introduced.

Are there any recruitment managers who could just help me shift the fog in my head please? I've understood the job and I've also understood how I could do the job well, but I'm struggling with how to write this, being stuck in the old compentency STAR mode.

What sort of writing style are recruiters looking for now?

The personal statement section asks "For your CV and personal statement, please provide detailed evidence of your experience of the following:" and lists three specific examples, to do with providing leadership to implement a project, communicating initiatives, and data analysis.

How do I incorporate four behaviours into three examples

Sorry if this is a really stupid question, I'm considering whether I'm good enough for this now. Bloody imposter syndrome.

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