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Employers giving good support to help working parents balancing commitment/ surviving while schools closed

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lujuaz Fri 19-Jun-20 10:23:40

I'm a working parent - and a consultant working within HR. I'm looking for feedback on what companies are doing to support working parents at this time which is really helping with the juggle?
Anecdotally lots of working parents are really struggling at the moment balancing commitment of work and home schooling - and obviously for the majority the children haven't gone back to school... the summer holidays are looming and kids clubs are not all happening...
As time has gone on I think parents who might have been coping with the juggle short term are really starting to struggle. Companies I see who haven't furloughed staff are offering skills training, and trying to be flexible and reassuring but this only goes so far. I'm wondering what your companies are doing (or companies you have heard of are doing) that is really working - really helping?

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SpideyMom Fri 19-Jun-20 13:38:22

My company have actually been fantastic. A few weeks ago I was unsure I had a job. Now we are at a level where they can bring people back. Work isn't still where it needs to be but they want staff to be able to choose to return to work on a basis that will suit them until things get better.
I am a single parent and son has only been able to return to school one day a week. So returning to work was a worry. I have been given the option to remain on furlough, be part furloughed or return fully. Due to being on my own with him and having elderly parents who have had to shield, I really appreciate their flexibility. I have decided to return 3 days a week working my full week hours. This enables me to continue to have my son and reduce my childcare needs.
I have been very lucky. And I am grateful

madnessitellyou Sun 21-Jun-20 10:45:34

Mine has told managers to be really supportive. No support whatsoever for managers and I’m very close to a nervous breakdown as a consequence. I’m told it doesn’t matter when I work so long as I get my work done but as I’m in calls from 9 til 5 with very little break in between I’m working evenings and weekends to catch up. It’s a complete nightmare!

user1487194234 Sun 21-Jun-20 19:17:46

Pretty much anything goes at the moment but from September staff are being expected to work as normal

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