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Should I sign up to scentsy?

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Bigcuddlybearmummy Thu 18-Jun-20 15:47:28

I’m considering being a scentsy rep. I’ve been thinking about it for ages but now another lady in the village has beat me to it.
Is it worth the work you need to put in. I do love the products.. but I don’t know if that’s enough to hack being a rep? Thank you.

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LorenzoVonMatterhorn Thu 18-Jun-20 15:48:38

It is a MLM model. There are lots of threads on MLM. I wouldnt touch with a bargepole, especially if your village already has one.

Bartlet Thu 18-Jun-20 15:49:24

Please don’t. You’ll alienate your friends and family by pestering them for sales and you’ll end up out of pocket when you realise that it’s all a big con.

ishouldtryabiteachdayy Thu 18-Jun-20 16:04:57

Nope and it's really expensive. And you'll be asking can I lend you my sample bag ( surely you had to pay for your samples and we all know you'll hard sell us)

Quarantino Thu 18-Jun-20 16:11:55

Have you looked very carefully at the specific amount of money (in £) that you will make from each product or recruitment, and worked out what this adds up to once you have sold one or two products to your five closest friends or family who then aren't interested in buying more for another year or so or in being recruited?
Id be interested if you could post the amount here to get an idea of the numbers we are talking about, among with any costs you're required to pay. I suspect it is far far less than minimum wage and actually may be a negative amount.

tiredanddangerous Thu 18-Jun-20 16:21:28

God no. You may as well open up the nearest bin and empty out the contents of your purse into it.

TeaStory Thu 18-Jun-20 16:26:34

There are more fun ways of losing hundreds or even thousands of pounds, that won’t alienate your friends.


WotnoPasta Thu 18-Jun-20 16:33:04

No. You won’t make money. You’ll waste loads of time. MLMs are a con.

I’ve met someone who has done well from younique, she signed up really early. She’s profiting from the misery of others though.

Bigcuddlybearmummy Fri 19-Jun-20 10:31:06

These are some ideas of what you can earn apparently! Doesn’t sound a lot. Thank you all for your replies x

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Quarantino Fri 19-Jun-20 10:34:10

You're right, that image shows that you won't make that much. But never rely on that headline 20% figure - look very carefully at the asterisked (*) documents/terms/conditions as there will also be further details in there as to why you won't actually get that 20% unless you do x,y,z, or why some of it will be 'free' products for you instead of cash. I'd love it if someone could post the full 'compensation plan' for these companies.

KindKylie Fri 19-Jun-20 10:37:28

Please don't.

I cannot understand why anyone gets involved. Or how anyone keeps their friends.

The people I know who do this are so so so so annoying and I absokitely will not buy this stuff.

Quite apart from all that, Scebtsy products are in no way essentials or quickly consumed so you have a small market anyway.

Norma27 Sat 20-Jun-20 07:07:36


anxietrist Sun 05-Jul-20 22:59:24


TBHno Sun 05-Jul-20 23:02:02

The body shop? Didn't they recently mock a victim of domestic violence on Twitter?!?

superram Sun 05-Jul-20 23:06:33

I wouldn’t touch the body shop with a barge pole due their views on women......

1984andout Sun 05-Jul-20 23:08:51


Hi hun☺️

My name is Cristina and I am a bodyshop manager ☺️

As you know they are very well know UK company with many stores and consultants, and their products are just the easiest to sell! Because people like their products!
NOTHING is forced, there is no pressure to reach target sales, no monthly fees and the people are genuinely lovely and helpful. Freebies are a bonus too.

We get 25% to 30% commission on sales for every product we sell.
You do this by advertising and using the products from your kit, provided when you sign up for £49 and contains £220 worth of products. Don't worry if there are items you don't like as you can sell these on to customers ☺️.

We have amazing support and lots of online info for training. Plus we have groups for people to get inspiration and tips for posts.

If any of you would like to know anything else about working for The Body Shop at home, or you were thinking of joining, this is my email address, id love to help you out!, or send me a whatapp 07934352638

Cristina x

Christ you're busy tonight spamming these boards.

EatShitForChristmas Sun 05-Jul-20 23:10:30

Christine is spamming a lot of network marketing posts with the same copy and paste spam.

Berthatydfil Sun 05-Jul-20 23:10:34

I will never buy anything from the body shop

minniemoll Sun 05-Jul-20 23:10:42

*Hi hun☺️

My name is Cristina and I am a bodyshop manager*

That's nice dear. When you grow up you can get a proper job. One where you actually have money at the end of the month

MyOwnSummer Tue 07-Jul-20 12:00:39

OP, I strongly recommend that you watch the documentary "Betting On Zero" which is about Herbalife, another MLM. Its on either youtube or netflix (?). All companies following the MLM model have the same range of outcomes - only a very few people at the top of the pyramid actually make good money. Most lose, and many lose A LOT.

Obviously scentsy is a different business but it follows the same model. You can find scentsy specific resources on reddit at r/antimlm

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Tue 07-Jul-20 12:03:00

the only scentsy rep I have known did it for a year and packed it in because it wasn't bringing in much money. She seemed to have a fair amount of customers but still was out of pocket.

anxietrist Tue 07-Jul-20 22:30:47


Tappering Tue 07-Jul-20 22:43:19

If you look at their income disclosure statement for 2018, the average commission income for a consultant was just over £2k for the year.

That figure does not include "business expenses" - i.e. the amount of stock and associated materials - banners, flyers, table stuff for exhibitions and markets and so on, that a consultant would have to buy. MLMs usually have a minimum stock order requirement each month for you to stay 'active'.

So do you think it's worth an average of £160 per month, in exchange for having to plague the daylights out of friends and family to buy your stuff, minus stock and business expenses (which will most likely swallow a big chunk of that)?

IwishIhadaMargarita Thu 06-Aug-20 09:47:01

Why would you buy from a key shop rep? Even without their abhorrent views and recent online bullying of you go in the website you get loads of discounts. So you order from a rep, they order from the body shop and get the products which they then send/deliver to you. A lot of faff!

I had a workmate fall out with me because I wouldn’t have one of her stupid scents parties at my flat. I don’t know that many people closely enough as I don’t really like people. What was my husband meant to do? Sit in the bedroom all night?
My flat was in a hard to get to area unless you knew the area very well.

I have a bun on my Facebook who does loads of different mlm stuff but dunno how much she sells, scentsy, fm, body shop, thrive...

TollgateDebs Thu 06-Aug-20 17:16:48

A friend did this and soon moved on! She now runs her own pet sitting and 'in her home' boarding service and has a waiting list. Look at something you can do that does not involve giving a cut away to someone else.

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