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Low confidence preventing me from progressing.

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Kitkit18 Wed 17-Jun-20 09:56:36

I've been in my LA job for 5 years and it's a customer contact centre role. I can do the job with my eyes shut and its exceptionally dull. Pre covid I spent most of my time doing Trade Union duties as that is far more interesting. I'm on quite a low salary and desperate for a new job. There is no career progression where I am and I've ptobably become a bit too comfortable. I've been looking outside my LA for new opportunities and have found an ideal job with the Civil Service but the thought of leaving what I know scares me and it's a bit of a jump in salary but I know I am capable of the job itself. I struggle with low confidence and the thought of a job interview terrifies me (I dont even know how I got the job I'm in as my interview was awful) I'm also not great at selling myself in the application process and the CS jobs use compentency based questions which I find a little difficult coming up with good examples as they obviously need to be about me and what I did ect. I dont know why I find this do difficult as once I am in a job I get on just fine. Anyone else had difficulties like this and moved past it?

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