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Applying for museum job

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Imtootired Sun 14-Jun-20 14:52:58

Hi all,
The museum in my city is reopening and they are hiring visitors service officers. I would love to get a position. For most of my working life I’ve worked in a supermarket and I’ve recently completed a Bachelor of Arts in history. The job description says a second language is a bonus and I’ve been studying a language for a few years so hopefully that will give me an advantage. They want me to say when I’ve given exceptional customer service and a time that I’ve delivered information to a group. For the customer service question I’m going to write about the time I looked after a lady who had a fall and afterwards she emailed the company saying I was very helpful and caring. For the delivering information one I was going to say when I helped my son tell his class about our holiday to another country and told the kids about ancient monuments in Rome. I haven’t really delivered much information before so I’m not sure what to put down. I did coach my sons soccer team one year but I wasn’t the best coach and I’m not sure if I should put that. If anyone has hired for a position like this can you please give me some advice

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Ellmau Sun 14-Jun-20 15:25:00

That looks good. Did you do any presentations during your degree?

Good luck!

Imtootired Sun 14-Jun-20 16:00:40

Thank you so much. Yes I did. One in particular I had to give a presentation on an artwork in Italian to the class. It was quite challenging and enjoyable but I thought an example with children might be better because educating children is an important part of the job. I think I would be a great fit for the job but I know they’ll get so many applications so really not sure if I’ll get it. Either way it will be good experience of applying for a professional job.

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merryhouse Sun 14-Jun-20 16:28:04

Is there room to put both? You could maybe phrase it "In addition to [regular/several/standard] presentations to the group as part of my degree course (including one on art in Italian) I was able to give a talk on ancient monuments to my son's primary school class" - then perhaps include something about the different approach.

Did you learn anything about why you weren't the best coach? I've recently realised that though I'm a great individual and up-to-3 small group tutor, I'm still an appalling class teacher and have a few unformed ideas about why that might be. If you could articulate the issues you had it might be useful (eg if it's simply crowd control then that's less likely to be a problem in this job than if you can't adapt to different audiences).

(Congratulations on the degree, btw - awesome! and good luck)

Imtootired Mon 15-Jun-20 01:54:34

Thanks for your reply @merryhouse that is a great suggestion about finding a way to mention that I’ve done presentations during my degree. I think I wasn’t the best coach because I’m not hugely passionate about sports and the kids were too excited and out of control. I have a few things to think about now and I might try to reword my answers. Thanks for your input!

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