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Bored/ stressed with work

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Itshotoday Sun 07-Jun-20 20:46:48

I know I’m privileged to have a job, but finding it quite challenging at the moment. I’m still having to work quite hard and my friends have been furloughed and my husband is a business man but seems very relaxed working from home. I love having my children around/ I’m only part time but I still have to work hard and frustrated at myself for feeling like I’m swimming up hill all the time. I Work with a colleague with grown up children and there’s such an expectation to do work outside hours.

My manager gets so excited about these projects but each Sunday night my heart sinks. Constantly asking me have I completed this or that and it’s hard work keeping up.

I need to motivate myself and I know I’m being selfish but I feel like a deflated balloon.

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