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Getting into Marketing

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littlemissnorthernbird Sun 07-Jun-20 18:40:22

Hi there,

I am looking at a career change and would like to get into digital marketing. I have started the Fundamentals of digital marketing course on Google Digital Garage as a starting point but would love to know what training/experience I need to get. Can any of you help? or point me in the right direction....

Many thanks!

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JGACC Mon 08-Jun-20 21:37:18

Hello, I've just started the CIM diploma in marketing which is pricey but I'm really enjoying it and finding it very beneficial. I've mostly only done marketing for smaller companies so it has really opened my eyes to the detail bigger companies would go into when forming marketing strategies. Hope that helps

Liucy Thu 16-Jul-20 14:23:31

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doadeer Wed 22-Jul-20 22:36:28

Google squared digital marketing course is great. I've heard good things about the mini MBA with Mark Ritson.

Ultimately I would say try to get a junior marketing role like an exec and keep studying on the side. You will learn more on the job.

Clearly certain industries are doing better than others at the moment, so for example consider an industry like e-commerce or online retail

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