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silversable Wed 03-Jun-20 16:27:37

Hi everyone,
Just looking for some advice. We had recent work call in which the manager said he may have to make redundancies from my team from the end of August. This is due to the furlough scheme changing, and the number of clients that have left us, meaning there may not be enough work for us. If we don't get more business by then, he said redundancy is an option. I am in a small team, and I have not yet been furloughed. 3 of us are still working, and one of us is furloughed. I am quite new to the company (started in Jan), so am I right in thinking I'm probably one of the staff they're going to make redundant? Or is generally more likely that employers will make furloughed staff redundant? Im also wondering whether it's worth looking for a new job or just hoping for the best? I know this is near impossible to answer, I suppose I just wanted people's opinions on what the best thing to do here is. Thanks

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cabbageking Wed 03-Jun-20 18:58:25

There is no last in first out rule.
Why have they lost clients? They advertised for someone with certain skills in January, yet they are now talking redundancies?
The rot was already in place perhaps? Thinking of the advert and what they wanted from an employee. Were theses skills crucial to the job or were they missing from the team. Not saying you are safe but if you filled a void they may be more useful to them than someone set in their ways?

silversable Wed 03-Jun-20 19:08:33

They were doing okay in general (or made out they were); the pandemic has meant that almost half of the clients have left as their individual businesses have closed, so they can't afford to pay us (we're a digital marketing company). I do feel like maybe they were falling downhill anyway and this was just the last tipping point. A lot of people left before I joined so think there was a disagreement with staff somewhere.

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FTMF30 Wed 03-Jun-20 19:11:09

I think furloughed staff would go before people who have been working.

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