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JStarlight Wed 03-Jun-20 11:03:47

Hi everyone,

I currently work for a local authority As a customer service supervisor. I have been looking at internal jobs to progress to But nothing seems to come up.
I have recently been looking into civil service jobs and this will suit with future family planning.
I live in Yorkshire and have seen a G7 post in vetting services post, but there doesn’t seem to be a detailed person specification like I’m upset to do don’t know if this is well out of my league.
What jobs do you do within the civil service that fit well with family life and do you have any ideas about what jobs roles may suit my current role as customer service supervisor?

Thanks for your help!

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MrMagooInTheLoo Wed 03-Jun-20 18:54:22

look on the civil service gateway recruitment website. It has regional jobs and jobs spec for all grades right up
to SCS posts

Isleepinahedgefund Wed 03-Jun-20 19:25:43

What department is that job in, and what level job do you do at the moment eg are you the supervisor, lead a team etc

Many CS jobs are family friendly but equally many aren’t, those are the customer facing jobs that will be led by customer need not by employee needs. For instance when I worked in a customer facing role in DWP 20 yrs ago It was to totally flexible for me but now In the same role they work shifts and weekends.

Once you’re in the CS there are a lot more opportunities advertised CS wide only. Unfortunately the further you are from London the fewer opportunities there are and they tend to be operational rather than policy. G7 operational is very different responsibility wise from G7 policy - a G7 might be running an entire region in ops but a policy G7 might only manage 1 person (or none!) and focus very tightly on one specific policy area.

MrsGrindah Wed 03-Jun-20 19:29:04

I don’t know about LA grading but if you are a customer services supervisor it might be quite a leap to a G7 post. Similar jobs in government departments might only be at HEO grade. That said there’s nothing to stop you going for it if you have the experience .

JStarlight Wed 03-Jun-20 20:14:50

Thanks everyone, it’s not a specific department it’s just customer services and I am a supervisor, manage a team of 20 but it is day to day operational and 121s etc for the whole local council, we cover all of the services.
I think the job I saw was based in York so I guess leeds and york would be the nearest for me to travel or catterick garrison.

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Kinlocrhum Wed 03-Jun-20 20:21:12

That's an interesting role, but they will be looking for people with experience of law enforcement. A lot of these posts are occupied by ex police, military etc.

xXDazedXx Wed 03-Jun-20 21:29:07

These roles require the ability to make people feel at ease and be able to establish a rapport quickly. The conversations can be very intrusive. Customer Service skills can be very helpful! They are normally quite solitary roles that require a fair bit of travel - although you get to speak and meet numerous people. A G7 is normally managing a team so you may be responsible for balancing people's caseloads. There is always a backlog so managing risk and being able to redeploy resources could be important.

DelusionsOfGrandeur Wed 03-Jun-20 22:47:52

G7 is usually a fairly responsible position. For a rough sense of how responsible, consider that around 10% of civil servants are G7 or above. Solid middle management level.

I'd also agree with the assessment of one of the posters above. Clearly it's hard to say based on partial information but your role sounds like it would be graded HEO, maybe SEO at most, if it were in the civil service.

HOWEVER, don't be disheartened. I assume it's the Assistant Head of Service at UKSV (Cabinet Office) advert? My advice would be "if you want it, go for it". What's the worst that can happen? If you don't apply you definitely won't get it.

JStarlight Fri 05-Jun-20 09:13:09

Thanks veryone, helpful to know that there is a difference between G7 on operational and policy, il keep an eye outs

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