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user48675 Fri 29-May-20 22:43:21


Doe anyone have a portfolio career i.e. say 2 or 3 different jobs they do on a part-time basis. I appreciate someone might have to be reasonably financially secure to go down this route but I've recently been looking at doing a few different things (one on a voluntary basis) and was interested to know if anyone works like this?

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user48675 Fri 29-May-20 22:44:17

Doe = Does!

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JGACC Sun 31-May-20 20:29:20

Hello, I did until I closed a business I owned due to lockdown. I owned an art gallery and while manning there I do 25 hours a week of employed marketing work. I also paint and sell paintings through galleries and work on commissions.
It worked well although right now the only thing keeping me going is being furloughed on the part time job, I'm very relieved I don't have all my eggs in one basket. Moving forwards I hope I can keep the part time marketing job and do some painting and maybe other freelance marketing bits.

Hoppinggreen Sun 31-May-20 20:53:39

I do
I have a couple of SE things I do but since Brexit and now lockdown they tailed off so I have just taken a PT employed role for the first time in years. Ironically it looks like both my SE jobs might pick up now and as they pay better but are less secure I have a tough decision to make.
I’m going to try and do it all but I think I will struggle, especially with DS not being at school

user48675 Sun 31-May-20 21:51:18

JGACC, it sounds as if you are super creative. Fortunately, I don't have to work for financial reasons at the moment but I need to do something in the next year or two when my little dc starts school. My self esteem has plummeted and my feelings of isolation has only increased whilst being a sahm but at the same time I want to be around for drop off/pick ups from school and then there are the school holidays of course. I'm thinking of pursuing my hobby business which will yield a small income (but wont necessarily bring me into contact with very many people) and doing some voluntary work just to get out. I have written a novel (to be self published later this year but I don't think I've got loads of books in me and actually don't expect to earn anything from this). I am also considering studying a counselling course (focusing on one aspect, in which I am all too familiar) but this seems a costly pursuit. I might apply for a part-time role but I am only really looking for about 10 hours a week. I'm just curious as to what other people do, if they don't work full-time or live an alternative sort of working life. Again, I think this depends on finances, and I know I'm currently fortunate to be in this position.
Hoppinggreen, good luck with your new job. I think that's my issue, I want a go at doing it all and something has to give. I've never really had a career, nor a large salary and now I have 3 dcs (including 2 young ones) who are my priority. But I'm needing to do something outside of the four walls and not one thing I have considered ticks all boxes - i.e. something I might be interested in but is isolating or something which doesn't have as much satisfaction but brings me into contact with people. Perhaps you just can't have it all, I think that's why I need to try and mix and match a bit. But after being a sahm for a number of years, everything seems daunting. Voluntary work may be a good place to start.

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