Moving house - no broadband for 3 weeks!

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wheresmolly Sat 23-May-20 22:59:06

I am moving house on Monday but the earliest Virgin can install the broadband is mid-June shock I have to work from home every day (this is my normal routine, not just during current times).

Does anyone know the best means of getting temporary WiFi? Sign up to use BT a hotspots, get a dongle? I am getting a bit panicked that I won't be able to work confused

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Doritmama1 Sat 06-Jun-20 18:59:46

Hi there, i had the same issue. My mortgage completed on 27th March but no internet available until June so i luckily made an appointment and will have my internet back on Monday. I would advise buying a Huawei E5330- 3G,Gaming/ Travel Mobile Wi-Fi, Unlocked to all Networks with No Configuration Required- Genuine UK Warranty stock - (non network logo) Black from amazon which costs £40 and a sim card from smarty (£20 gets you unlimited internet with no speed restrictions). This is exactly what i did and its actually cheaper than my broadband bill and the travel wifi allows for 10 devices to connect. Also i can use it from downstairs in my house whilst my son and boyfriend use it upstairs.

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