Would being a Trade Union rep put you off hiring someone?

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Katk931 Fri 22-May-20 09:52:52

Hi. I've been in my Local Government job 5+ years. Its a welfare/benefits role in a call centre environment. I can do the job with my eyes shut and find it incredibly boring. I am also a trade union rep which up until covid I spent a huge amount of time doing as my own job is pretty quiet. I would of preferred to find another job in the local authority but due to the trade union duties I know most of the managers and I think they find me off putting as will think by hiring me I'll just go off and do my trade union thing and barely be there to do any work (we get as much facility time as required) This means I'll need to look elsewhere but unsure if I should include on CV/application form the trade union experience? My job doesnt require much skill/knowledge but I've got heaps from the trade union stuff, I just dont know if potential employers would find it off putting?

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InfiniteSheldon Fri 22-May-20 09:55:00

Yes massively

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