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Larkin1 Thu 21-May-20 23:29:48

Hi there,

I rarely write on here, but I'm having a mid life crisis and need some advice. I am a mum of 2 boys aged 8 and 5. Before becoming a mum I was rather lazy and spoiled, i feel i had all the love and support of my family but no encouragement or guidance on what to do with my life. I know this is something I should have figured out for myself but I have never known what I wanted to do as a career. Every single place I have worked, I have been a very hard working, loyal, reliable employee, but outside of these small part time jobs, i have never had any direction.

I went to college and Uni with useless qualifications the courses i did were very specificand no use inthe real world. As I said, pre children, i was lazy. But, as many of you know, parenthood changes you. I know, that if i knew what I wanted to do, i would do it well.

I had one job where I absolutely loved to work. It was for a photography company. I loved doing photoshoots,I loved meeting new people everyday and hearing their stories. I was really happy going to work. Unfortunately, the company went into liquidation.

I would love to continue this on my own, but, I lack confidence, I know I can do great photoshoots. I impressed myself with some of the amazing pictures I took, but i doubt myself all the time. I take criticism very personally, I am not sure, I can run my own business. And the big thing, do people even want photoshoots anymore?

I just feel, i need to stop working such low paid jobs and become a better role model for my children. I was proud to tell people I was a photographer, but I feel like the industry is dying. I can't think what else I could do. I seem to adapt well in any job and everywhere I work I just get my head down and work hard. I am valued at my current work, but I can't really develop it into a career .

My husband has a great job, but being a child from a broken family, I can't rely on my husbands wages. I need to do something for me to protect my children and I financially should anything happen.

I would appreciate any advice. I apologise for the long post.

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LouiseTrees Thu 21-May-20 23:55:01

Yes people still want photo shoots. Even during the pandemic I know someone getting a doorstep photo shoot. Post pandemic, once we get a vaccine, I feel like there will be big business in family shots of grandparents and grandchildren or in weddings or even divorce (ruin the dress) type stuff.

Larkin1 Fri 22-May-20 15:41:10

Oksmile that makes me feel a lot better thank you. I would love to carry on with photography, it was the one thing I felt I was really good at. Although, I also felt I could be a lot better and have a lot of self doubt. The business side scares me and being self employed! Thank you for replying.

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Paralegal202 Tue 26-May-20 10:20:55

What about doing wedding photography? In the age of technology and everyone being able to take photos themselves, wedding photography is something that will not die any time soon smile

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