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C152H Tue 19-May-20 09:52:13

I used to work with someone who was a web designer. He started as a traditional designer (starting with hard copy printed materials), then worked designing corporate sites, but not doing the coding. (This is pretty standard in certain industries - an actual designer does the front end design i.e. look and feel, then a tech specialist does the relevant coding, uploading of images and content etc.) However, he was bored and started looking at coding books in his spare time, teaching himself to design all elements of a site, including the back end.

If you're not sure what you want to do, I would borrow/buy some beginners books and play around with things yourself, before paying a huge sum for training. If you decide it is for you, you could look at trainers like, which offer short and long training courses. (Is it possible your employer would pay for training? I know you said you don't plan to go back to work, but if you discussed your career aspirations, is it possible they may be able to support you with either some contribution towards training, or helping you find another role within the organisation?) Again, personally I'd do a short 'taster' course first, to make sure it was really for me. In fact, I did a 'Code in a Day' course years ago (luckily paid for by my employer) taught me coding was not for me and I'd definitely need more than a day just to grasp the basics!

I also saw this article in the Metro offering free online coding for beginners:

Might be worth trying, to see how you get on and whether you enjoy it. I'd also try to talk to people already working in whatever type of job you'd ideally like, to find out what the realities are (e.g. salary, hours, what type of coding language opens up the most career opportunities etc).

Good luck! It's exciting moving into something new!

Hannahthepink Mon 18-May-20 16:27:21

I am in a position to completely start from scratch with my career, I am just finishing my second mat leave, and won't be going back to work for now. So I have a bit of time to work things out and maybe do some training/part-time learning.
I've been pretty directionless up until now, but I've started looking at things involving coding like web design, software design, but it's a whole new world to me and whilst I think that I probably have the right personality for these sorts of jobs, I am a bit flummoxed with where to start with no experience.
There seem to be a lot of online courses offering the world, but I don't know who to trust.
Has anyone changed their career in this direction? What did you study? What did you become?

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