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goldpendant Sat 16-May-20 19:36:16

Hi all,

I have dilly dallied over the years, wishing I had stuck to my guns at school and applied for medicine, but chickening out last minute. Sciences weren't my strongest point but I got decent grades and studied earth science instead.

I'm now 35, two young kids at school, and deeply unsatisfied with my career. I have wound up in research, albeit in comms and engagement specifically, but I just can't shake the notion of working in a health care setting. I was offered a job in a GP surgery two years ago but DH talked me down. I earn a pretty good wage in my rather niche field, I've done well and have an MSc in my area of expertise but I desperately want to fulfil this long held ambition.

It could be nursing, midwifery, paramedic science, but if they take 3 years, should I just bite the bullet and do medicine? I could do nursing part time, keep my current job (and pension), graduating to a nursing career when the kids are a bit older?

I know there will be a lot of study regardless, and shift work, and stress. I feel like I'm ready for that but DH will push back. He always says I've made my decisions and should stick, we earn well, have good pension plans, work flexibly etc etc. He's a good bit older than me, is highly skilled, and I think he thinks I'm too old to retrain. He's generally very supportive but this has been a sticking point over the years. But I've got 25 years of work left in me!

Any advice from anyone who has done similar would be greatly received.

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