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NHS- Leaving one trust and joining another during Mat leave?

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badfurday Tue 12-May-20 09:13:06

I am currently on mat leave from work (NHS) and have seen a great job at another Trust. I'm due to go back to work end of September. I'm tempted to apply for the new job and tell them my situation. I think generally things don't move quick in NHS recruitment so they might be able to let me start when my mat leave is over? All ifs and buts.

Does anyone know what happens to my mat pay if I decide to go to another trust? Do I need to wait until a month I'm due to go back to hand my notice in?

Mo81 Tue 12-May-20 14:12:28

Imon nhs mat leave aswell and as far as i know you only have to go back to the nhs not a particular job you coupd ring payrool and ask.x

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