Any one else worrying about having a job to go back to?

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SpideyMom Sun 10-May-20 10:10:15

So, like so many others I've been furloughed. My boss cannot see me returning to work before june and it may be longer if the business remains quiet which I can understand. When I asked if I would have a job to return to he never answered. It was over an email that was read but not responded to. I asked that question on Wednesday.

I'm not going to lie its giving me some sleepless nights. I am a single parent. I have a mortgage and desperately want to keep our home and a roof over my child's head. (I realise there will be so many like me feeling like this too). The worry of my job not being as secure as I was told it was is keeping me awake at night.

I'm genuinely scared I wont have a job to go back to

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Inexperiencedchick Thu 14-May-20 20:20:00

Hi OP,
You have my moral support.
Can you look for something else as a back up plan? You might end up being lucky.
Perhaps your employer doesn’t know if the business will be able to carry on hence not replying to your email.
I hope it will really work out for you. Really feel for you 💐

SpideyMom Thu 14-May-20 21:38:56

Hi I had the call today with my colleague and it looks like we are on furlough until the end of the month. It could change and be delayed but it did feel nice to get that call. We were told nothing is happening at work so we will see. I know we are still non the wiser but it made me feel like I may be going back.
My son is in one of the year groups that are meant to be returning first. I've decided to let him stay with my parents as I figured he is safer with them. That way I can return to work and not worry about him or them.

I really hope businesses survive this. I know alot wont but it doesnt make me hope that they all do. I work for a small company so my fear is high all the time

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livinthevidalockdown Fri 15-May-20 10:05:05

I'm in the same position; single parent, mortgage and I was made redundant two days ago! I'm so devastated and scared I'm going to lose my house!

Pleased things are looking hopeful for you!

SpideyMom Fri 15-May-20 13:34:17

It's horrible isn't it. I haven't been told for certain I'm going back. I've just told myself that it's more than hearing nothing. I have to try and be positive or I will drive myself mad. I dont by any means feel like I am safe though. My job heavily relies on getting people through the door. Without them I have nothing to do but pick up work the other staff are doing but it isnt like they cant do it themselves if you know what I mean. They arent overloaded and could easily do the workload themselves but I help out to give myself something to do. I think businesses in the longterm may restructure so though it may not happen now it could happen in 6 months or more.
I'm really attached to my home. I know its nothing in the grand scheme of things. We have each other and are healthy but ever since I fell pregnant I have lived in financial hardship. Not as bad as some but I literally have no money left each month. Massive debt was run up in my name by my sons now absent dad so I've been left paying that back. We have no social life, no luxuries, even when I had to sign on for a few months I dont quite know how but I managed to somehow keep my house and everything else paid on time. Mentally its had a massive affect on me as I've felt life I've been working my ass off to save our home. I've managed to do it for 5 years so far and this could be the thing that loses it all sad

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