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Will more people continue to WFH?

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laidbacklife Thu 07-May-20 20:59:40

A lot more people have had to WFH during lockdown. I have and it's been fine - in some respects it's been more productive (fewer meetings etc) but I am missing day to day interaction and general office banter.

I'm curious - how are other people feeling? Do you think you'll continue to WFH? Is your company actively looking to keep employees working from home in the long run? Or do you think it's a temporary solution and most people & employers will be very happy to get back to the office?

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promotion Fri 08-May-20 11:14:03

I think wfh will become more common for sure - people like the flexibility and the situation has made some employers speed up their adaptation to a more agile workforce

laidbacklife Fri 08-May-20 15:47:44

I hope so. The flexibility would work well for a lot of people. And it would help put an end to hot desking.

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