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Interview query

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grumpyorange Wed 06-May-20 15:08:52


Hoping to get an insight from interviewers here!

I have an interview next week via Skype and they would like me to give a 10 min presentation on various points.

I've given presentations in person at an interview but have no idea how it's going to work over Skype. Obviously I have to share my screen for them to see my presentation but then I can't gesture or make eye contact etc.

Those who have interviewed before what would you be looking for in a virtual presentation? How would someone stand out to you when you can't watch them and the presentation?

Thanks in advance!!

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GoldenBlue Wed 06-May-20 15:21:42

Clear slides
Comprehensive covert of the topic
Well structured
Logically movement from one item to another
Good conclusion
Fluid and confident speaking
Good responses to questions

Lucygucy Wed 06-May-20 15:31:34

Skype is normally a video link. Are you sure they won't be able to see You?

grumpyorange Wed 06-May-20 15:37:58

@Lucygucy my understanding was if you share your screen they see your screen and not yourself?

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areallthenamesusedup Wed 06-May-20 15:41:39

get a mate to skype you and see how it all works

grumpyorange Wed 06-May-20 15:43:00

Just tested it an can defo only see my screen not myself as well

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Undies1990 Wed 06-May-20 15:45:40

You won't be able to see yourself on screen if you are sharing your screen, but they will still be able to see you!
Practice, practice, practice
Good luck

grumpyorange Wed 06-May-20 15:49:19

Just year via my DP he can only see the screen and not me. Maybe it's because he was using his phone?

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grumpyorange Wed 06-May-20 15:49:39


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grumpyorange Wed 06-May-20 15:54:02

I hope they can still see me. I shall go in with the mindset that they can see me so present as if they could smile

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