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When lockdown is over people will only complain about being back at work!!

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Lifeisconfusing Mon 04-May-20 19:52:36

People are complaining about lockdown but when this is over, people are going to complain about being back to work. Appreciate the rest I say.

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EngTech Mon 04-May-20 19:56:45

Can’t win no mater what is done, such is life 😳😳

Tumbleweed101 Fri 08-May-20 21:12:06

I’m still working and swing between being envious of furloughed colleagues getting a nice break to being thankful I can get out the house to a degree of normality.

Just a weird situation for everyone. Think it will be a shock to go back to full normality though.

SoloMummy Fri 08-May-20 21:17:48

What about those who have still had to work?!

No back to work for us! No "extra" holiday. Just juggling even more balls!

WeAllHaveWings Sat 09-May-20 11:34:38

Rest? I wish, I am working 50+ hours a week now. Very few people I know are at home enjoying a rest. I have never been so busy WFH, the coronavirus situation means our business wants so much data and reports to help them monitor and manage the unprecedented changes to our demand and operating models.

Complex reports developed years ago, and barely used, they are reporting problems with and want them fixed yesterday. They are wanting new reports and data lakes NOW that, with the offshore resources we have, normally takes months to analyse, design and build in a time when we also have projects to deliver, the world is WFH, many people are taking care of/schooling children at the same time, and some are dealing with illness or bereavement. It is madness.

I will be glad to get back to work and normality, but don't want to until it is safe for all and I think it is such a long way off yet anyway so don't really think about it.

PhoneLock Sat 09-May-20 11:40:12

Appreciate the rest I say.

What rest would that be?

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