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Need a plan

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OhamIreally Fri 01-May-20 13:42:13

Vet nursing is very poorly paid. Could you get some professional careers advice? A lot of people start a different career at your age so try thinking of it as a different career path rather than that you're just starting out.

Flowerpot26 Fri 01-May-20 08:50:03

Just realised I'd not actually asked a question!, should I try and do this or should I plan to try and get a job somewhere in the middle like in a hosp or back with the emergency services but as a lower grade and be part time and then I wouldn't have 3 years of uni when my babies are little, I just think if I don't do it in the next few years I will have lost my chance then, but then is that okay? Or will I regret.

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Flowerpot26 Fri 01-May-20 08:20:34

Hi I'm looking for a plan so I can orangise myself going forward.
I'm 35 have Toddler and another on the way, so I've got about 18m 2years really, but I need to start a career, I feel like I'm a nobody really, I have a degree then joined the military in the medical branch, loved it all was going well and I was hoping to qualify as a paramedic but my mum was really unwell so I left to be closer to home, met my partner who's a farmer. Started this type of lifestyle, worked part time for the emergency services in the control room side of things really wanted to be outside but I was looking after my mum and needed the structure of a set time and finish.
We've had a toddler and now another one in the way which I'm thrilled about, I've sadly lost my beautiful mum in the last year and had to leave work as I just needed time out with everything.
I now think going forward I've got to get back Into work after the baby, and sort myself out for me. I feel that I've alway cared for everyone and put myself last as it's didn't fit the current situation.
But I'm heading toward being 36 and I think ugh!! I'm not even qualified in anything properly tho lots of experience, feel like I'll always be starting at the bottom. So my plan is to proberly stay in health care as I think this I where my talents lie, and look to start nursing or paramedic course I don't want to go up through the rank I want to just go and study and get qualified but I also will have the worry of the 2 little ones which I want to be around for as much as possible, but I don't want to leave it till it ls all to late, my husband is supportive if me either way.

I've also toyed with vet nursing as there is a college quite close to me just to mix it all up, as my love of animals but I'm not sure, I wish I was 5 years younger.

Sorry longer than I intended.

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